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Coinlink is a cross blockchain aggregation service on Cardano, Ethereum, Polygon and later on BSC. Coinlink will gradually channel more and more different Defi protocols into a one-stop solution where users can swap, lend and borrow cryptos to their liking. More importantly Coinlink will also focus on aggregating yield farming services as this is one of the most lucrative services in crypto these days.

The Coinlink team is convinced that Cardano is the most promising blockchain to date. Cardano's foundation is based on thorough research which will put it in an excellent position to be equipped for future challenges not only in the Defi space but in the entire crypto industry. Parallel to Cardano Ethereum will remain a major blockchain in terms of market capitalization and its sheer number of projects that are already in existence here. Polygon by now also has emerged as one of the most important level 2 chains in the space. Other blockchains are gaining importance rapidly by now.

The Coinlink team therefore feels that any aggregation service these days should be truly cross blockchain. For them this means not just deploying their project on different blockchains, but actually making it possible to bridge different blockchains in one go when the user executes a transaction.

Yield farming for example is an excellent way of leveraging the returns on the user's investments. Yield farming protocols have a downside, however, and that is their sometimes overly complicated way of accessing them. A user might need at least to go through two transactions on the same blockchain, but more lucrative options might require the user to go through three or four transactions and also switch between different blockchains. There are tech savvy users that even sometimes are close to letting pass an interesting investment opportunity just because yield farming more often than not is too time consuming and unwieldy to use.

It’s high time to find ways how to streamline this process. Coinlink takes away from users the burden of having to know how many and what intermediary steps a specific yield farming strategy entails to finally reach the desired destination. Coinlink in this respect operates more like a train or a subway. The user hops on the train on one station and exits once he is where he wants to be. No worries on the user's side what borders and boundaries he has to negotiate in between. The user will only be alerted to interact whenever there is something he needs to confirm.

Bringing Cardano into all of this is one of the major steps of the Coinlink project. The world of Cardano opens up an entirely new space for Dexes and yield farming protocols that will benefit hugely from Cardano's efficiency when compared to Ethereum that comes at a fraction of the latter’s transaction costs. This will facilitate new types of Defi services to establish itself that would have been prohibitively expensive on Ethereum like for example micro payments. From its early phase of conception Coinlink has embraced the Cardano project for precisely these reasons.

Coinlink therefore wants to be in the forefront of these new Cardano projects. As Dexes and yield farming protocols become fully operative on Cardano, Coinlink will be among the first to integrate these for the benefit of crypto users. 

To achieve their ease of use Coinlink provides the user with an interface in which he enters his asset of origin and the desired yield farming protocol’s target asset. Coinlink then calculates a route for that specific strategy based on the current market data and it is also smart enough to factor in transaction costs. This suggested route is displayed to the user in an easy to use interface where he can then confirm each step until he has arrived at the yield farming protocol’s token. Sounds easy? Well, it’s designed to be.

Coinlink's long-term vision is for blockchains to become fully transparent so that the user doesn't have to concern himself with what blockchain he is currently working on but simply enjoys using the different protocols around.Coinlink

Key problem Solved

The DeFi space is highly fragmented in many ways. In terms of different protocols (swapping, yield farming, lending & borrowing), each is present on the market and facilitated by several platforms. In terms of multiple blockchains, these are more or less separate worlds connected only by manually using bridges that are cumbersome for the user to use. The result is an inefficient user experience as conditions have to be monitored closely in several different places, and many otherwise attractive deals remain undetected. Furthermore, completed transactions are scattered across multiple platforms and blockchains, and this gives users no way of getting an aggregated overview of transactions to assess their overall performance.

Coinlink offers the user an easy-to-use solution by channelling all relevant DeFi services into a one-in-all interface. Coinlink lets the user switch easily between blockchains by built-in chain bridges and generates a cost efficient step-by-step routing strategy that lets the user start with an asset on one chain and target an asset on another chain during the process. Coinlink provides the user with a comprehensive overview of all transactions to date and displays all investments’ performance independent of which platform, service or blockchain they are on.


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Transaction Tracking Tool v1
Ethereum, Polygon & Cardano Yield Farming Integration

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Transaction Tracking Tool v2
Borrowing & Lending Integration

Smart Routing v2
Portfolio Management Tool v2
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