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SimpleHold wallet


Why should I get SimpleHold wallet?

The wallet is easy to use. We clearly understand that the possibility to get lost in all those crypto wallets is really high, so we've decided to design a perfect tool to make the whole process simpler and smoother for you, but there are even more cons, as SimpleHold is: 

  • easy to keep and impossible to lose
  • a nice way to range and store all your altcoins in one place to keep track of them
  • free to use except fees you pay once transacting, and they all go to the miners or validators
  • easily accessible and always at hand — wherever you are with your gadget and the Internet - connection, you can use your wallet without any delay
  • simply a security excellent creature

What are the strongest features of SimpeHold?

First, it is super easy to install and use, so you go straight to explore the cryptocurrency space without any delay;

Next, the interface is clean and smart, so you'll never mess anything up and can find anything you want as quick as possible;

Then, it supports a wide range of existing cryptocurrencies, you can pick up any you need. We always grow and develop, so keep up with us to be totally cutting-edge!

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What is so unique about SimpleHold?

Actually, the answer is encoded in the wallet's name itself. The main purpose for us to create a wallet was to make the entire process of storing, sending and receiving your crypto assets without any fuss. We made it possible to design a perfect product for both, a complete beginner who’s just testing the waters and an experienced user looking for a high-quality and convenient wallet. 

The other piece of good news is that a backup file is already created by the team, so you don't need to think about that at all, everything was done in advance. S for Security. From that very moment you’ve started using SimpleHold, you can totally forget all your fears of losing cryptos.

Last but not least, an eye-catching interface that makes using the wallet enjoyable! In SimpleHold we truly believe that it’s important for a wallet to be not only super safe and reliable but pleasant to use, as well.

SimpleHold is the wallet that stands out for safety mixed with simplicity, so it protects your funds and personal details and makes managing your crypto holdings really easy!


What to expect in future?

The team is working hard on the integration of staking in the wallet that will allow users to control their passive income streams. Additionally, company plans to develop its dApp integration.

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