Data Sources

Data sources to access the blockchain. Cardano is still in early development, so these sources are not super intuitive yet. Thankyou to the software engineers bringing these developer tools to life.


Ogmios is a protocol translation service written in Haskell running on top of cardano-node. It offers a JSON interface through WebSockets and enables applications to speak Ouroboros' client mini-protocols via remote procedure calls. Ogmios is a fast and lightweight solution that can be deployed alongside relays to create entry points on the Cardano network for various types of applications (e.g. wallets, explorers, chatbots, dashboards…).


These guys have built out all the current APIs. Each can be accessed with playground interaction. There's 'explorer-api', 'submit-api', 'graphql-api', 'ogmios-api', 'postgREST-api','rosetta-api'


Github repository. This is a powerful but heavy package.